Stuck in a Rut..

Has this ever happened to you? You get into a routine and while you get everything done you need to things start to go a little blahh.. 

Ya feel me? 

Here’s an example, actually a few examples.

1.) Marathon training: I’ve been using Hal Higdon’s novice training plan 2 for the last two months. While it’s a great plan I’m starting to get a little burnt out/bored. The longest run I’ve ran to date is 14 miles and with the Chicago marathon in October I think I’m at a pretty good place. My worst fear is to get up to 20 miles by August and then have to keep that base until October. I think I need to pull back a little on my training. Thoughts?

Which is why this weekend I’m going to take it easy. With an 11 mile long run (easy right? hah!) I want to get a few bike rides in and just really enjoy my exercise this weekend. Becky wrote a post this morning about her decision to pull out of her marathon this fall because well, she felt like it. 

This post really struck a cord with me because I know that when I sign up for something, like a marathon, or any race for that matter I get so caught up in my training plan and making sure I’m getting all of my miles in that I forget why I even run. 

I don’t ever want to burn myself out from running. I’m 20 years old after all and I want to grow old with running! I want running to be a part of my life forever.

With that being said. I’m going to take this weekend off from marathon training. Maybe I won’t even run 11 miles. Maybe the most I’ll run is 4? We will just have to see. I’m going to listen to my body and whatever it feels like doing we’ll do. 

2.) Eats: That’s right my meals. My meals, other than breakfast, have been all over the place.. and incredibly boring and well just blehh. This could be another contributing factor to me feeling burnt out lately. I used to love cooking and taking the time to make myself a meal that was worth sitting down to enjoy. Lately, all I’ve been eating is super lame yogurt bowls, leftovers and cereal..

I know you’re getting bored even reading about this! Blahh right? 


So, here’s the plan I’ve decided on. My usual grocery trip is on Saturdays and  I plan on stocking my kitchen with the essentials to make delicious meals each night of the week. Some will be easy, simple meals and some I want to make something that takes a little more time.

This will be a fun little challenge for me! I plan on posting whatever I make for dinner and then throughout the week we’ll see how I start to feel as I begin to pick back up with my marathon training.

Here’s a few ideas for dishes that I have been dying to try and as you guys as my witness I will make them!

Tomato Basil Cream Pasta: I’ve been craving a good pasta dish lately

Shrimp and Goat Cheese Quesadillas: Jenna posted this recipe months ago and I haven’t stopped thinking about them!

Hawaiian Pizza: I’ve been craving a pineapple pizza like crazy!

Okay, I have 4 more recipes to come up with for this next week. Have any suggestions? 

If you ever find yourself in a rut what do you do to get yourself out of it? 




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12 responses to “Stuck in a Rut..

  1. We made this awesome pesto pasta with fresh mozzerala sauted veggies and edamame last night. Sounds like a great idea to take a break! I hope you can honor your body and just rest 🙂 🙂

    • Smore

      yumm!! pesto pasta and veggies sounds amazing! I think that’s exactly what I’m going to do this weekend. Just rest.

  2. sometimes when you start marathon training so far in advance, you get in that rut. It happend to me and I did get injured. I pulled out and did 30k race instead. It was worth. Take a break and re-evaluate your plan if need be. You have plenty of time friend. 😉

    • Smore

      Thanks for the encouragement lindsay! I think a little break/relaxation/re-evaluation is what I’m going to be doing these couple of days.

  3. I just started using Hal’s half marathon plan for the Fort2Base Race I’m running in September. I hear you on the boredom issue with the plan. What I’m doing to try and keep it fresh is switching things up on the cross training and strengthen/stretch days. I really like the Insanity DVDs, so that’s what I’m up to. Maybe you need a change of scenery?
    Good luck at the Chicago Marathon! Are you running any local races leading up to that? I find mini races really motivating to stick with the plan, too.

    • Smore

      Hal does have a great program. I used it for my half marathon training and loved it. I just think I need to incorporate more cross training and ease up on my milage a little right now. I actually don’t have any races planned until my marathon so that might be something to look into. I know there’s a few 10k’s and a half I could possibly run. Thanks for the advise kelly!

  4. Nicole

    Hey! I’m also young like you (22) and trained/ran a full marathon last year and had the same feelings…Although the plan you are on is great I honestly think its just too long! I realize everyone is different in building mileage but I personally could never train for a marathon for 4+ months…My stepmom and I trained for about 3 1/2 and it felt like the right amount of time, no injuries. If your goal is to finish the marathon then I would definitely do what you are doing, take a little break! You want to enjoy your marathon training not dread it by dragging it out for so long!

    • Smore

      Yes! I think you are so right! I have a lot more time on my hands before the race than I anticipated. I feel like if I keep training the way I am I will either a) get injured or b) be soo completely burnt out of running by October.. not what I want. I definitely do what to enjoy the training and have this be a good and memorable experience. think I’m going to enjoy this break I’m taking.

  5. When I found myself in a running rut I would find a new place to go run and/or leave my watch at home and just go run. Like for as long as I want, no pressure and just take in the scenery. When you’re training its so easy to get caught up in the logistics of every moment that we forget to enjoy ourselves. Don’t despair girl, maybe you’re just having a funk week and need to have a great night out or an adult beverage or two with your best friend?!?!

    • Smore

      Totally agree! I spent my day yesterday hiking, baking and quite possibly enjoying an adult beverage or two. Just what I needed. I’m thinking tomorrow I’ll get back at it. I like the idea of just going out with no watch in a new place. Sounds so peaceful and relaxing. I’ll have to try that this week.

  6. Yes!! I have trained for 2 half marathons and 1 marathon and have never made it to any of them. Each time I focused way to hard on my training plans and ended up overtraining. The first time I came down with mono which left my immune system in a rut. You would think that I would learn right?? What I have noticed is that I have really adapted to 10ks. I can get the best of both worlds, I can run and I also have more freedom to lift weights and add variety in my workout routine because I am not so focused on just running. It is okay to take a break, and if anything that break will make you come back stronger!

    • Smore

      Yes, I’m taking this week to just focus on relaxed running and workouts that I love. I want this to be enjoyable for me and I definitely feel like I’m getting caught up in the logistics of it all. Getting sick and/or injured is not something that I want to have happen to me! 10ks are great and half marathons I really do love. They’re both great distances and allow you to incorporate other fun workouts.

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