A Mission a Mile

This mornings mission: 7 miles fartlek

Not just any 7 mile fartlek run though, a happy 7 mile “I can’t wait for the morning to come so I can wake up and run” 7 miles.

How did this mission go? Well, I’m going to bring you guys back to the start so we can gather all of the information together to determine if this mission was completed.

Last night’s bed time came around 11 pm after I set my coffee pot time on for 6:15 am so it would be ready for my 6:26 am alarm clock. Why 6:26 am? I felt like I should start my day before 6:30 but 6:20 seems to early.. I also wake up at 6:06 on the days I should wake up at 6:00. Weird? Quite possibly. Don’t judge and just try it. The extra 6 minutes makes a difference. Trust me.

I woke up promptly at 6:26! I hopped out of my bed and into my running clothes that I had laid out the night before. Because once you have your running clothes on there is no turning back. That run is going to happen.

Grabbed my computer and headed down stairs to drink my coffee that had just finished brewing 🙂 I firmly believe that programmable coffee makers make for happy mornings and consequently a happier Sarah. If only everyone had a programmable coffee maker.. the world might be a happier place.

Did I just solve the world peace with a programmable coffee maker?

Yes, yes I did.

Anways, along with my perfectly brewed coffee I ate half a luna bar:

and caught up on some of my favorite running blogs for inspiration.

At 8:00 I was right on schedule and headed out the door.
Here’s how the milage went down this mornin:
  • Mile 1: 9 minute pace
  • Mile 2: 8:30 pace
  • Mile 2-2.5: 8 minute pace
  • Mile 2.5-3: 8:30 pace
  • Mile 3-3.5: run/walk
  • Mile 3.5-4.5: 9 minute pace
  • Mile 4.5-5: 7:45-8:00 minute pace
  • Mile 5-5.5: 8:30 pace
  • Mile 5.5-6: 8:45 (uphill)
  • Mile 6-6.5: 7:30-8:00 minute pace
  • Mile 6.6-7: walk/run
This run was exactly what I needed this morning. I tried something new today with my pre run meal. Normally I go for a full on oats breakfast before a run and this morning I ate half a luna bar and then fueled throughout with water and Gu Chomps:
I ate one at miles 2, 4 and 6. I was worried I would get hungry and start to feel weak during my run but I was happily surprised with how energized and strong I felt throughout!
Another perk to my run? I knew that as soon as I came back I had breakfast waiting for me!

  • Vanilla yogurt
  • oats
  • Cinnamon quaker squares
  • 1/2 a banana
  • Frozen Cherries
  • Chopped apple
  • Jif Natural PB (Love)
Oh my goodness this was delicious! Breakfast is my favorite meal and I may or may not love it just as much as running.
I’m sorry, that was a lie. I do love running more. But when running and breakfast are combined into one morning? Whoa ,baby! I was most definitely in my own heaven and  I don’t think anything can bring me down from it.

So, was this mornings mission completed? 

Well, let’s see..

Happy coffee? Yes..

Happy run? YES!

Happy breakfast? Oo yess

Happy morning? Absolutely!

The best part about all of this is now I have my whole day ahead of me. I ❤ morning runs 🙂

I’ve heard it said that it takes 2 weeks to get a routine set. I love morning runs. I will set a morning routine.

I think I’m getting scary close to finding my happy running place again. Yes, I am very happy about this.

Mission Complete

Are you a morning runner or an afternoon runner? Do you have a pre-run routine? 

Happy Tuesday!







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9 responses to “A Mission a Mile

  1. I 100% agree with the programable coffee machine! I need to start programming mine more, I think knowing the coffee is ready and possibly getting [gasp!] cold might motivate me to get up faster. I snoozed for 45 minutes this morning…

    • Smore

      It really gives you incentive to get moving in the morning! It’s ready for you as soon as you wake up. It’s my favorite time of the day for sure.

  2. fartleks are tough but so so worth it in the end, right? Nicely done sarah! and ya, programmed coffee makers are a MUST!

  3. Long runs – morning person.. everyday runs – afternoon for sure!!

  4. I’m tired all day without a morning run. I need to at least get my heart pumping to start the day. Yay you for an awesome start to the day!

    • Smore

      I completely agree, I was shocked at how much energy I had all day yesterday. I thought I would be dragging toward the middle but I felt great!

  5. Yayy woohoo for the good run!! I’m definitely a morning runner but have turned into an afternoon worker-outer when it comes to Body Pump or weights. But yes..running HAS to be in the morning. Even then it’s already close to 90*..so waiting any later would be a death wish. :/

    • Smore

      It totally sets the stage for the rest of your day too! I get where your coming from with the heat. This morning I ran in 75 degree weather and this afternoon it got up to 97! No thank you!

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