Wrap Up

Normally on Friday’s I do a weekly wrap up and go over my workouts for the week and make sure I’m on track with my training plan.

Since, I’ve gotten off track with my training plan like big time I think I’m going to do something a little different this week.

While it’s the end of a week it’s the beginning of a month and just so ya know I love new beginnings. I love the start of every season, every school year, birthdays, new years.. you get the idea. They all bring a chance to check in with yourself and see where you are and how you want to move forward.

Last month I wrote a list of goals I wanted to achieve for June so, in true “new beginning” fashion let’s do a little check in.

Goals for June:

  • Stick to Hal Higdon’s training plan! Lately I’ve been running willy nilly and while I’ve been getting the miles in I have definitely felt the effects. If Hal says take a rest day that does not mean run or have a two hour bike ride it means rest Sarah. My knees are starting feel it and my achilles? Yikes! Dumb dumb Sarah. So, starting today I will be getting back to the training plan and logging my workouts on here as well as on Daily Mile.
Well, we are not off to a good start because this goal when down the drain! But for very good reason. I started out training way to early for my marathon and felt like I was burning myself out and at high risk for getting injured. So, I scaled back and now have a less structured training plan that I think will work much better for me. I’m running less days during the week, incorporating strength training and including more cross training and stretching. I have a very good feeling about this one 😉 100 days till Chicago Marathon! Yikes!
  • Incorporate pilates and/or yoga into my workouts at least twice a week. Lately, (probably because of my willy nilly workouts) my body has felt soo tight. Adding in pilates and/or yoga at least twice a week will help to stretch me out and strengthen me up. Since I found my favorite pilates video I don’t think this will be a problem at all. Very doable!

Since I’ve dropped Hal’s training plan I’ve been able to do more pilates than I had been doing. I still could incorporate more into my routine though. I might need to start doing this before my runs instead of after. Once I finish running all I want to do is stretch, shower and get on with my day. I think a pre-run pilates session would do me good. 

  • Eat more vegetables. As much as I hate to admit it I’ve totally failed at this whole pescatarian deal while at home. I was super successful while I was in Chicago and in Dallas but once I got back with my family my veggie meals fell by the wayside. It’s not that my family forces meat on me but if it’s what’s for dinner then it’s what for dinner. I can definitely tell that my body feels more sluggish when I eat more meat than when I have a more veggie based diet. Since I head back to school tomorrow I know this will be an easy task for me since I never buy meat for myself anyways.
Success! Since being at school I have been a vegetable feign! I still eat meat, not a lot, but I do eat it throughout the week. 
Side note: I really want to see the movie Forks Over Knives. I’m doing a speech on the benefits of a plant based diet and know this movie will be filled with loads of great info.
  • Eat more intuitively. This is a big one for me. Sometimes I get into such a routine with my eats that I eat pb oats because well, that’s what I always eat for breakfast. But what if I don’t want oatmeal in the morning? What if I want yogurt or a pancake instead? This might sound silly but it’s a mindless thing that I do.
I would say that I’ve done a pretty good job with this one too. I started running before breakfast and feel sooo much better! I’m not weighed down by all of those oats. Silly Sarah what was I thinking? 
  •  Read that book! Notice my goal tab? 22 before 22? Well, this one will kill two birds with one stone. I have to read this book for the freshman class I am teaching in the fall. Which means that I have to start this book and finish it. I hope it’s a good read. There’s nothing worse than dragging through a summer reading book..
I don’t know what it is but I can’t seem to do this! There are tons of books that I want to read but I still need to finish my required summer reading book before I can start the other ones. I think I’m going to designate a certain amount of time each day to reading so I can knock this out. 
  • Girl time. As much of a busy bee that I am I totally lack in the social department at times. I’ve gotten so busy between my school work, res-life stuff, nanny jobs, girls on the run and my actual running that my social life kind of gets put on the back burner. I know this is bad. Especially because I’ve really developed some awesome relationships over this last year. Thankfully, it’s summer time now and I have slightly more free time so this month I want  no need to make spending time with girlfriends a priority.
Slightly more free time? Well, sort of. Somehow I found myself pretty stinkin busy since I’ve been back at school. While, I’ve made more of an effort to girl time I haven’t put nearly as much as I should. It’s hard for me sometimes because after a day of class, nanny and workouts I really just want to wind down, get some sleep and wake up for an early run. Lame.. 
All in all I’d say I did okay with my goals. I’m definitely paying more attention to my body in my training which is crazy important. I’ve gotten back to a point where I’m excited about my runs, especially early morning runs 🙂 ! I’ve been eating my veggies and more intuitively. But there is always room for improvement!
Looks like it’s time to come up with some new goals for July! 
I have a 2 mile run and pilates session on the agenda for today, a book to buy and relaxing to be had.
I will leave with you last night’s dinner pic:
Holy Vegetable Yum! Can you guess what’s all in here?!?
Yayy for 3 day weekends! Hope you all have fun plans for this weekend!


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6 responses to “Wrap Up

  1. Yay, yay, yay! Join me on the 30 day photo challenge!!! Every Friday I’m going to do a “Foto Friday” with a round up of the week’s pictures.

    I love a new beginning too, totally makes me feel like everything is a fresh start.

    Have an awesome holiday weekend chica!

    • Smore

      Alright, it’s settled!! 30 day photo challenge is underway! I love the “foto friday” idea, can’t wait!

  2. mollyf15

    Almost all your goals are like mine, except for the training plan. I have been DEFINITELY lacking in girl time since moving to Milwaukee! Plus I’ve started 2 books and haven’t finished them, yet…haha I’m going to go read now. You motivated me once again!

    • Smore

      Girl time is hard to do in college but so should be a priority. There’s nothing that beats a good girls night out. I’m the same with books.. I gotta get crackin! I’m glad to hear I sent some motivation your way!

  3. My husband brought home all items smores last night and i brought home smore icecream sandwiches from Trader Joes both on a whim, I could not help but think of you 😉

    • Smore

      hahaha I love this!! Smores anything is always a good choice! Smore ice cream sandwiches sound amazing. I’m going to have to find those next time I go to a Trader Joes.

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