Setting Goals

Yesterday, I reviewed all of my June goals to see how I did. After checking in with myself I decided that I could definitely put a little more effort into them..
And then I thought about a few more.. 
So, July, I deem you my favorite summer month. We are going to make a lot of great things happen here. Are you ready?
Great, here we go.
Fitness Goals:
  • 15 mile long run: By the end of this month I want to have completed 15 miles feeling strong!
  • Strength training twice a week: This means I have to know how to strength train so I’m going to buy the NRLFW book today!
  • Pilates twice a week: Try pilates before a run that way you’ll be stretched out/ warmed a little before heading out.
  • Ice bath: I’ve never done this before! After each long run I will try out an ice bath and see how I feel the next day. Runner’s swear by it for reducing muscle soreness and quicker recovery so I just have to try it out!
Personal Goals: 
  • Read 1 hour a day: In the morning, at night, in the afternoon.
  • Make more delicious foods: There are tons of recipes that I have been wanting to try out!
  • Try going gluten free for a day: I have read soo many positive things about a gf diet. While I don’t think I have any food allergies I would like to test it out and see if I feel any different.
  • Try Kombucha! Again, I have heard about the benefits of this drink and just need to try it out. Hopefully, I don’t like it too much because this guy is pretty pricey!
  • Search for internships for next summer: event planning, pr, marketing/advertising.. anything!
  • Research study abroad programs: Right now I’m thinking Austrailia, or New Zealand but I think South America would be pretty amazing too.
  • Girl Time: Relationships are important and I truly believe that is what life is all about is relationships. That being said I need to put more energy into mine. Maybe I don’t need to go out until 4am with the girls but I can totally schedule a lunch/dinner/run with them. I have month left of being semi-busy so I need to take advantage of the time I have!
Phew! That’s a lotta goals! I think these are all very doable though.
I already tried Kombucha and an ice bath..! So check those off my list!
11 miles ran this morning! It was hot but I did them 🙂 I’ll have to do a recap tomorrow over my long run for the week.
The rest of today will be spent eating these
And a little of this:
Happy Saturday!


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7 responses to “Setting Goals

  1. Fantastic goals!!!

    I SWEAR by ice baths! I do them after every long run now! Granted they suck for the first few minutes but after you are numb, it’s fine! Haha!

    I’m with you on the 15 mile goal! In two weeks (next week is a fallback), I am running 14 miles which will be my first long run over 13.1 miles! Then I also have a 15 miler the following weekend. I’m scared but excited at the same time!

    • Smore

      I think 15 miles is a good goal for July too. 15 miles seems so long to me right now so I can’t even image what beyond that is going to be like.

      I did my first ice bath after my 11 miles yesterday! Oh my gosh it was cold!

  2. Great goals!! The toughest one for me would be the reading one. I’m HORRIBLE at reading when I don’t have to for class or something.

    • Smore

      Oh me too! I think it’s because we have to do so much reading for class that I really don’t want to read anything else after all of my required reading is finished.

  3. I LOVE the cranberry kombucha (the synergy brand), hands down my fav. I wish it wasn’t so expensive, so I could drink a bottle every day!

    Good luck with finding an internship in PR! After I graduated and I was looking for a job in PR having already had experience helped SO much. Now I am working in PR for a children’s hospital, it’s amazing 🙂

    • Smore

      I tried the cranberry kombucha and loved it! Well, not loved it but I didn’t hate it! I bet PR for a children’s hospital would be pretty amazing. I have lots of research and networking to do over the next year to find one that I will really love! I would love to do something for a running company or some sort of healthy living company.

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