Update me!

Hi! How’s it goin? Anything new happening in everyone’s running lives? Have you PRed? PDed? I wouldn’t know any of this because I have been seriously MIA for the last week point 5.

So, please fill me in!! I want to know about it!

Reasoning behind my prolonged absence would involve finishing my summer class, packing up and moving out of my apartment, heading up to Michigan for the week, and squeezing in as much quality family time before I have to head back to school on Saturday.

I’ve been a little busy lately, but haven’t we all?

Speaking of busy remember those goals that I made for myself last months? Well, I went through them and I have to say I did pretty stinkin good.

Let’s review shall we?

1.) Pilates twice a week: Check! Except none this week. I’m on vacation and I’ve been sleeping.. ALOT which is new for me.. and I like it 🙂

2.) Ice Bath: I’ve been taking one after each of my long runs. My first one ever was rough but I’ve come to look forward to it during my long runs. There is just something about the “hurts so good” feeling. Addicting I tell you.

Ahh cold, cold, cold!

3.) Delicious Foods: I definitely picked it up in the kitchen category. Dinners of cereal and oats were replaced with yummy pasta dinners, crepes, french toast and pie making. I even learned how to make sweet corn 🙂 Who am I?

12 miles: French toast 🙂

4.) Try Kombucha: Yep, I did this! Maybe it was a mental thing but I was feeling like a slug one afternoon and just a little under the weather. After a few sips of Guava Goddess and I perked right back up. I could tell a change in my energy levels like whoa. I was shocked! I just wish this stuff fit into my college budget. Those bottles are pretty pricey 😦

5.) Search for internships next summer: I did! And I found one in particular that I think fits me really well. The application isn’t even due until February so I’m going to mull over it for awhile. If there is one thing that I’ve learned over the last two years it is not to “jump the gun”. Good things come to those who wait.

6.)Girl Time: Success! Can you say running partner? I love that I was able to fit my girl time into my running time. This will definitely be continued once I get back to school.

So, there ya have it! I know I didn’t accomplish all of my goals from July but what can I say? I am a work in progress 🙂

For August I want to continue doing ALL of the above plus I want to blog more! I enjoy being able to write down my daily/weekly ramblings and I love having a place where I can obsess about running with well fellow runners. I’m addicted to running and I admit this and I’m 100% okay with it.

Exciting milage for this week: I have 15 miles to do on Friday! Unknown territory people. Unknown.

Reasons for excitement: That will be a PD for me and once I have successfully dominated those miles I have two little gems that I plan on purchasing. I have been oogling over them forever now so I think 15 miles is an accomplishment worth celebrating.

Side note: Oogling is not technically a word but yes I used it. Think of it as online clothes stalking? Yes, that’s what it means and yes I do that. Quite often actually. 

Update me on your runs! What does your milage look like this week? Whenever you find yourself beyond busy what is the first thing to go? Blogging? Running?  (I sure hope not!)

Happy Hump Day Runners!




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11 responses to “Update me!

  1. My runs are going bad this week. I feel like I’m struggling with motivation and just getting them done. They are feeling harder than they should at this point and it’s really worrying me

    • Those weeks are never fun. I’ve definitely had weeks where even thinking about running wasn’t fun. Maybe you need to take a few days off? Switch up your workout routine? I know that a few days off does wonders for me and by the time I’m back running I remember why I love it so much.

  2. You did a great job at your goals! I think I would die trying to take an icebath, brrr must have been freezing 🙂

    • Well thanks Sarah! The ice bath was beyond freezing and my first one only lasted about 5 minutes but the next day my legs felt pretty great. I’m now up to 15 minutes. If your running long distances I definitely would suggest it!

  3. good luck on your run! When I’m super busy, blogging is usually the first thing to go. But I hate that, because I love blogging!

  4. Awesome job with the goals! Best of luck on your new distance; I’m sure you’ll rock it. 🙂

    • Smore

      Thanks Courtney! I definitely got my run 15 mile run in today. In fact I did 16.. I wouldn’t exactly say that I rocked it though. hah but I did it!

  5. When things get real busy in my life, blogging always seems the first to go…I tend to still lurk on other blogs, but taking the time to post seldom happens. I always keep up with my workouts when I am busy, I find it keeps me sane and grounded. Good luck on your 15 miler!!

    • Smore

      Same! Blogging is definitely the first to go for me. I can’t imagine cutting out running or working out. I would be even more stressed out!

  6. Hope the 15 goes well! You will kill it, I just know it. I have a PDR of nine tomorrow. Eeee!!! And I plan on giving into the ice bath after. Lets see how that goes. LOL

    • Smore

      Yes! Definitely do the ice bath. You will feel so great the next day. I’m always surprised at how much better I feel the day after my long runs ever since I started doing them. Good luck on your nine miles!!

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