Marathon High?

Well, it didn’t take long to get back into the swing of things over here. Running Chicago last weekend was amazing and I planned to bask in all of it’s glory for as many days after the race as I possibly could. Unfortunately, my basking was cut short.

Very short.

One of my favorite things post marathon was waking up the next day in Chicago, putting on my race shirt and walking around downtown. Smiling and nodding at all of the other race shirt wearers, and getting random congratulations throughout the day. It was like a holiday in Chicago and I didn’t want it to end.

So, when I made it back to school I was quickly knocked off my marathon high when I was greeted with 2 tests and some seriously rude dorm residents.

Along with being a student, runner and a bagel girl I’m also an RA on campus and teach a freshman class with some of my residents as students. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago how things were going I would’ve said, “Oh, just lovely.”

Would you like to know how this RA gig is going as of late? Yes? Oh wonderful.

(Ranting ensues below..)

Last week I had a door slammed in my face, had another resident curse at me and just last night had a resident call me a “sweetheart” after I enforced quiet hours. Now, I don’t know about any of you and it might just seem like I’m venting and ranting but I do not appreciate being cursed at or having doors slammed in my face; and I most certainly do not appreciate being called “sweetheart”.

(Ranting ends.. sort of)

The worst part about all of this? This  all went down 1 day after I got back from Chicago. 1 day! Don’t these people  know that I just ran a marathon? I feel like each resident should give me a pat on the back, a congratulations, a “way to go!”. At least ask me how it went, ya know? Nope, not any of that. 

One thing that I have noticed that I wasn’t really aware of pre-marathon is how disinterested non-runners are in races. Some, the nice ones, will ask you how it went, smile and might say something like “that’s awesome” or “how cool”. Don’t get me wrong the questions are nice and very much appreciated. I’ll take any bate I can get to talk about running!

But you can always distinguish between the runners and the non-runners in situations like this. The runners want to know everything about the race. They want to know how you felt at mile 15, 20 and 26. They want to know about the wall. How did you finish? Strong? And if you’re going to do another one. There excited when asking questions and hang on you every word. I know this because that’s what I’m like when I talk to other runners. I get so excited because I love it! I love talking to other runners about their races or just every day runs.

1.) How do you feel about people calling you “sweetheart”? 

– The resident that called me a sweetheart is 1.) younger than me 2.) one of my students (I teach a freshman class) 3.) said it in an incredibly condescending tone.

2.) How long do bask in your marathon/race glory? 

– At next years Chicago marathon I’m staying the whole week after. They know how to treat their runners 🙂

3.) Do you like to talk to other runners about your races/training/tips & tricks? 

– umm yes!

Happy Hump Day!




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5 responses to “Marathon High?

  1. I’m sorry your marathon high was short lived. 😦 But hey, at least you ran a marathon.

    Good luck with your residents this semester!

  2. Ohmygoodness….she called you ‘sweetheart’?! Ughhhhh. How did you keep your cool?! You are a much better person that I for doing so!

    I hear ya on the runner – vs – non-runner reaction. When I talk to my non-runner friends about my passion I swear their eyes glaze over! And the bad part is that I get so excited sometimes that even though I know that they could care less about my training or a new fuel I try, I can not shut up! I just keep going! Gosh, I must really irritate them!
    Hope things turn around with your residents and you have a smoother rest of year!

  3. Oh I would have wanted to smack that student. There is nothing worse. EW. It makes me feel violent.

    I think post-marathon basking should last for as long as possible! I defintiely think it’s funny how non-runners just don’t really get the whole marathon thing. And, I love talking about running with running friends! It’s the best 🙂

  4. those students sound so annoying! i’m currently a freshman and i don’t give my RA any back mouth. sorry you have to deal with all of them 😦 and my marathon high really did not last long at all. probably only a day. it was probably because i was so stressed with all the hw and projects i had!

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