No Stress Challenge

Stress during finals? Me? No way.. not this time. This year I have made a vow to not stress throughout this next week. I’ve had an entire semester of stress and sometimes I handled it well and other times.. well not so much (reason #1 why blog has not been updated in 10,000 years). So, starting today I am going to enjoy this next week of no classes and no real schedule!

Day 1 of the No Stress Challenge has gone a little something like this:

Does every school have a “stop day”? If not, I’m sorry because while stop days are technically supposed to be used to study and read and yada yada they are also great for some good old fashioned R&R. The last thing I would like to do on my first day off in seemingly forever is to break open the books. Ya feel me? Which is why I set aside this entire day to do whatever my little heart desired.

I started my day by waking up without an alarm (first time since August?). Granted I woke up at 7:30am but still I woke up on my very own gosh darnit and it felt wonderful.

I drank my coffee and read some blogs/caught up with the world of news via the Today Show.

I went on a looong walk on one of my favorite trails, did some J Michaels (I am going to be soo sore tomorrow).

I even called my grandma 🙂 highlight of my day 

I went to lunch with a friend

I found my way to my favorite coffee shop and treated myself to my favorite drink: nonfat vanilla latte; Warms the soul every time 🙂

Later tonight I’ll find myself baking christmas cookies with elementary age kids as their parents go off to a christmas party. I know my life as a college kid is all kinds of crazy. 

Tomorrow I’ll begin get to get organized for all those tests I should probably be focusing on; but today is a day to rewind, recharge and get refreshed. I might even go on another trail walk after my coffee shop rendezvous. It’s the middle of December and is 36 and sunny. I love it!

Do something that makes you smile today! Get a latte, go for a walk or call your grandma 🙂 

Happy Friday



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8 responses to “No Stress Challenge

  1. I did 2/3 of those things today…really need to cal my Grandpa! I think knowing how to stop and give ourselves a little TLC is one of the most important skills to learn. Happy weekend!

  2. Just found your blog… we are so similar! My school doesn’t have stop day but it does have “reading week” which translates to “go out at night and attempt study during the day week” 😛

    Good luck on your finals, stay reeeeeelaxed and you’ll do great 🙂

    • Smore

      Oh wow an entire week off just to study? That would be soo great. I definitely did some relaxing this weekend. First final tomorrow! I plan on studying for most of the day. Good luck during your finals week if it’s soon!

  3. Hey lady, I did not have you email but wanted to comment back to you. But first hope all is well and you are right don’t stress for finals it will be ok and over soon!! Here is my comment from my post to you…

    It happens to the best of us totally. But you are absolutely right it is a journey and always something to work on. Thanks for commenting and great to hear from you!

    • Smore

      I’ll send you an email so you can have my email! This always happens.. I don’t know why my email doesn’t show up for you!

      • I know right, I was just going to email you on the latest blog post and i realize I did not get a notification that you responded to this post…hmmm do others not have this problem? probably can help you with this fun stuff lol if it is …

      • Smore

        hmm well a few others have this problem too.. just sent you my email!

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