Miss Racing

As of this morning at oh say 7am, (bc of my lacking ability to sleep in) Christmas break has been Rockin.

I made a killer bfast yesterday followed by a workout inspired by this lady and while I woke up with some seriously sore arms this morning it was very much worth it. I do a terrible job at incorporating weights into my workouts.. I can run for hours but give me a weight regimen and I cringe! I get bored easily and have a very hard time resting between sets.

Since I am well aware of my weight lifting ADD I made a playlist consisting of some bass hunter, rihanna and flo rida. It was the perfect running/workout mix. Really got me going ya know?!

I also got some suggestions from Melissa with some awesome running songs that I can not wait to add to my playlist! 

  •  Lessons in Love by Kaskade ft Neon Trees … Pyromania {Frisco remix} by Cascada 
  • Blackout by Breathe Carolina
After I thoroughly exhuasted my arms I came home to make some of these sugar crackers for my parents neighbors as holiday gifts:

This is the simplest recipe ever and the crackers are so yummy! Love it when that happens. So simple yet so delicious! I plan on making them more holiday-esque with my mom but for now I think they still look pretty stinkin cute 🙂 I have to make 5 of these lovelies. So, 1 down 4 to go!

The rest of today will be spent making more of those dangerous delicious little cinnamon crackers and doing some serious christmas shopping. I’m going to start today and end today.. ready and go!

And I also decided that I need a race to train for. I do plan on signing up for the Rock the Parkway half marathon in Kansas City in April but that just seems so far away. I haven’t trained for anything since my Chicago Marathon…

I loved everything about that race and miss training like crazy. Half marathon training officially starts in January so that’s not far away at all but I need some structure in my workouts and with my running! I might sound a little neurotic but I need a weekly plan even when I’m not training for my workouts and my running. That way I can make sure I’m getting the right amount of milage in without over doing it.

So, tell me!

What races are you guys signed up for? 

Need to sign up for rock the park way asap!

Do you have to have a written out training log for the week? 

Yep, yep!

What are your favorite running/workout songs?!

Lately, I’ve been running to bass hunter’s all I’ve ever wanted.. thank you Janae! If you haven’t ran to that song yet do it! I feel myself getting faster and faster every time! At least I like to think I do..




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4 responses to “Miss Racing

  1. Ok, SO gonna bookmark this recipe! Right up my ally:-)
    Right now I am signed up for a 4 mile race on New Years day…I have never done a 4 mile race so that is an instant PR!
    I am also training for my very first marathon, The Kalamazoo Marathon, in May. I am loving running to Rihanna’s ‘We Found Love’ song lately….

  2. Smore

    Kalamazoo Marathon?! I’ll be back up in Michigan in May so I’ll have to check that one out. The recipe is super easy and so good! Rihanna’s ‘we found love’ is definitely on my playlist! 🙂

  3. Hope you enjoy the songs 🙂

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