Winter Break Wednesdays

Wow, this has been such a sleepy day! I was feeling a tad exhausted after lunch so I grabbed my new book and headed up to read in bed. It was glorious for a solid 5 minutes.. and then I passed out! I woke up 1.5 hrs later and now it’s almost 4 o’clock! How did that happen?!

I guess that’s what vacays are for though right? I can’t even tell you the last time I had an afternoon nap. Possibly sometimes last summer? It was long overdue and apparently very much needed. I had some crazy deep sleep dreams and woke up with drool all over my pillow.. lovely. I’ll spare you a picture of that though.

I will however let you all in on the first half of my day which was mildly productive!

I finished up making those yummy christmas crackers for the neighbors

They still need some serious holiday decor but one step at a time! Words to the Wise:  If you ever decide to make these lovelies I highly suggest buying much smaller mason jars. These mongous ones were the only ones we could find so I improvised and stuffed the bottoms with tissue paper. I still had to make 5 batches of the dough! It’s not a hard process but when you gotta fill monster mason jars it becomes quite the process!

My plan was to go on a walk after I finished up with the crackers, come back, make lunch and then get some reading in before I started my afternoon to do list. But as I began my walk there were 2 very large dogs at the bottom of the hill just waiting for me! In my head these dogs are massive and they were ready to tear my body to shreds so I back peddled up my hill and got into my running shoes to drive over to the trail. This is irrational I know and as I was driving to the trail of course the dogs weren’t there. I didn’t imagine them though.. I swear.

I headed over to one of my favorite trails in Grand Rapids that my mom discovered a few months ago. My plan was to do an easy 3 miles and then come back to the house to do some pilates or yoga to stretch out. The stretching portion should have happened well before my run began because boy did my legs feel dead! It was also super foggy and slightly hilly.. or at least it felt hilly today!

Probably averaged a solid 15 minute mile.. that’s a lie I’m sure it was more like 9-10 minute pace but I really was dragging! Not to mention I was wearing my old shoes during my run. Darnit! I put them on to go on my walk and then realized I was still wearing them when I made it to the trail. Oh well.

So, there ya go I give full responsibility to my bum 3 miler  to 1.) scary dogs 2.) fog 3.) hills 4.) large mason jars (if we’re giving excuses..)

I did however start reading this book last night and am so excited about it!


and am all signed up for Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k!

Phew! What a day.. it’s 4pm and I’m ready to curl back in bed with my book! Good thing it’s winter break because I just might do that 🙂

Are you a napper?!

Not normally but today I couldn’t fight it

Did you run today??

Hope yours went better than mine!

What book are you reading right now?




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8 responses to “Winter Break Wednesdays

  1. That’s sweet of you to make crackers for your neighbors. I don’t really exchange gifts with mine.

    I didn’t get my run in yet today, but I hope to squeeze in two or three easy miles. Wish me luck!

  2. I read the Happiness Project! I loved it!

    That’s really cool that you are so close to your neighbors, I’ve never been close to mine..

    • Smore

      Well, they’re actually my parents neighbors. I’m just making it all for my parents to give to them. They’re busy this week with work and all that. I’m just home for the holidays! Great idea though right? I wish I had nice neighbors to make things for!

  3. I ran 3 miles, not too bad…but boring on the treadmill!

    • Smore

      That was my same workout yesterday! Normally I’m not a fan of treadmill runs but yesterdays wasn’t too bad. I have a feeling that yesterdays treadmill run was the first of many over the next couple cold months.

  4. I did run today! For the first time in 4 days…which felt like forever.

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