Christmas Cheer This Year?!

Well, good morning running friendss how’s your Friday going? Good? Great? Fabulous! How could it not be going great there are so very many things to be excited about. So put a smile on yo face it’s Friday and the weekend, and christmas is in 2 days!

Here’s what I’m excited about lately or just how my days have been going.. or I just felt like making a list of things that make me happy or possibly just a combination of all of the above 🙂



  • Christmas is in 2 days! Are you aware of this? I’m sure you are but if not I’m very happy to have just informed you. Sad news though I’m not exactly feeling the holiday spirit. I mean I am excited and all and have been participating in all of the holiday festivities but I’m just not feeling the majestical feeling that usually CONSUMES me at this time…What the heck?!  I know! It makes me sad too..
  • I’ve been done with my shopping since Tuesday. This makes me happy. Roads are crazy. Drivers are crazier. Malls are even crazier with screaming babies and loud noises that do not make me happy or fill me with holiday cheer.
  • Eat Bake Christmas cookies for special people back at school 😉
Thank you  to pbfingers for yet another delicious and beyond simple recipe 🙂
  • Get in a workout while listening to some seriously rockin jams. (This is not christmasy I know.. but still a part of my day that fills me with endorphins.. which make you happy which should contribute to holiday joy! Right?!)
  • Favorites of late include:
        – Basshunter: 
– Rihanna: 
If you haven’t listened to them do it now. You will start running and you will not stop and it will be magical. 🙂
  • Wrote a few Christmas cards/letters. I did this last year and mailed them out to special people. It was nice and it makes me feel good and I hope they enjoy getting letters from me. If not that’s okay they will continue to get them every year until I decide I’m not in a letter writing mood around Christmas time. Not sure what year that will be so if you are special to me expect a letter for many years to come 🙂
  • Listen to christmas music whilst baking cookies: For whatever reason I’m a fan of instrumental Carol Of the Bells type songs whilst baking but when I’m driving it’s all about Mariah Carey’s All I Want for Christmas is You. Yes, this song does qualify as a classic in my book and I will continue to sing that every year in my head multiple times a day along with Bruce Springsteen’s Santa Claus is Coming to Town.

So you see I’m going through the Christmas motions: baking cookies, listening to christmas music and even writing christmas letters! So why in the world does it not feel like Christmas? Hmm I’m on a quest to get out of this funk.

How do you get into the Christmas spirit?

I need some ideas!

What is your favorite Christmas song?

Mariah Carey or Bruce Springsteen

Are you running in the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k?!

Yep Yep! And I got some sweet sock to run in too! Watch out!



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2 responses to “Christmas Cheer This Year?!

  1. I’m so glad my shopping is done too. The roads were a mess today!

  2. Smore

    Oh I bet! Whenever I lived in Dallas going anywhere at this time was just a nightmare.. but at least the weather is warm enough to wear shorts while running! That I do miss.

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