Merry Christmas Eve!

Good Morning! This is what I woke up to this morning: 

and on that note.. Merry Christmas Eve! Remember yesterday when I was all I don’t feel the Christmas cheer what the heck is wrong with me?! Yea.. lame right?

Welp, not anymore! Call it the snow, call it all of the christmas cookies that I plan on bakingeating this morning or the gifts that I am just about to start wrapping. Christmas is here people and I am ready for it!

No this is not recent but yes I do catch stop to catch snow in my mouth every time theirs a blizzard. That's why there's a picture so we have documentation of how I revert back to my childlike tendencies around christmas time.

So let me give you a low down of how this day is going to go. How many miles I plan on running in the snow! Still not good at that… And of course what is on the baking menu for the day.

First and foremost let’s get down to the dirty details on this whole running thang I love so much. Since I’ve signed up for the ole Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k I’ve got 6 miles to knock out along with mi madre who hopefully will go halvies with me and knock out 3 of those miles before I fly solo for the last 3. I’ve bribed her with penguin toe socks to wear whilst running. How can you say no to penguin toe socks?!

My thoughts exactly.

Now, as far as the menu goes I have only made 1 batch.. yes that’s right only 1 batch of Christmas cookies so far! Who am I?! I know this shouldn’t be real but it is the sad truth. Fortunately, this can be fixed quite easily and I plan on taking the necessary steps to fix this minor mega situation.

The rest of today will be filled with:

Classic peppermint bark which can then be turned right around into peppermint bark cookies 🙂 Double win

I have not been able to get these guys out of my head.

The best hot chocolate recipe I have ever laid my eyes on.

I also have a mega hard time saying no to anyone who puts banana bread in front of me..

Oh and how can you not make these cookies? Holy Yum.

I do have to remember that I have only 4 other mouths to feed this Christmas.. I might need to pace myself with these cookie recipes. But honesty who says you can only make Christmas cookies on Christmas anyways?

Get ready family you are about to have very full and happy bellies 🙂

What are you baking today?!

Every cookie imaginable!

Do you plan on running today? If so how far?

6 miles 🙂

Any tips on running in the snow??

I have none! But I will take as many tips as you all are willing to dish out! Let’s hear em!



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4 responses to “Merry Christmas Eve!

  1. Weee snow! At least it’s a good timing for Christmas 🙂 Good luck on the 6 miles today, it’s tough in the snow, so make sure you go slowly and don’t try to keep a fast pace… it’s dangerous!

    • Smore

      The snow melted by Christmas morning! It was kind of sad but I will take the sun over snow any day 🙂 The 6 miles were fun! Great way to start off the weekend.

  2. I ran 5 miles in the cold and drizzle yesterday and it was amazing! A nice respite from all the chaos of getting ready for xmas. 🙂 I live in Texas so I’ve never run in snow nor missed a run because of snow. Sorry! Have a great Christmas, and enjoy your red velvet cheesecake cookies.

    • Smore

      Oh my gosh you are a rock star! Cold/rainy runs are not my favorite at all. Good for you for getting out there! I used to live in Texas so moving to the midwest was a shocker on the winter running front. Safe to say my running tights, gloves and ear muffs get plenty of use!

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