Home for the Holidays

Whew! This weekend came and went didn’t it? All last week was filled with so much getting ready and prep work and then the big day is here and then well it’s over! Crazy how fast time flies nowadays isn’t it?

I had a convo with my mom the other day about how it becomes harder and harder to get into the Christmas spirit because we all stay so busy until a few days before and then all of a sudden we’re just supposed to switch over to Christmas mode. BUT when you’re a kid you spend a whole month getting ready for christmas, doing christmas activities, having little christmas parties and even doing christmas plays in school. After you have been thoroughly all hyped up on Christmas you get a week off from school to anticipate all of the excitement even more! No wonder Christmas is so magical for little ones! 

All I have to say is thank goodness I’m going to be an elementary teacher! I miss the month long Christmas extravaganzas!

Despite not being 8 years old anymore Christmas was still pretty magical in this neck of the woods. To start off the celebrations my mom and I decided to knock out our Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k first thing on Christmas Eve.

We got dressed up in our best holiday gear, (i.e. I bribed my mom with santa socks) and headed out to a trail not too far from the house.

It had snowed the night before so it really was a real Holiday Run! My mom ran the first 1.5 miles with me making her run a 5k. She rocked it and was it was awesome. I ran the remaining milage out and back finishing up my run in about 52ish minutes.  After my mom left me I was probably one of 5 other people on the trail. It was quite peaceful actually.

It took me awhile to get warmed up but once I hit the half way mark I really felt like I was flying. I felt great for the remaining 3.1 miles and finished strong. I walked around for a bit and then met my mom at the cutest coffee shop downtown and took a Holiday 10k finishing piccha.

I know, I know one day I will learn to open my eyes during pictures and to stand up straight.. maybe.

Overall, a great run! We did some last minute grocery shopping directly after our run and it is safe to say that I was beyond ready to shower, put on some xmas pajamas and bake some cookies.

Which is exactly what I did. 🙂

The peppermint bark was a huge hit and so were these cookies! I swear I put them on the plate, took their picture and then the next time I turned around they were gone! These guys will definitely be going into my recipe book! Thank you to  Two Peas! for their crazy delicious recipes!

The rest of the day involved making and eating hot chocolate cupcakes with the fam while watching A Christmas Story. Can you believe my parents had never seen that movie before?? I couldn’t believe it! It’s a classic!

We may have been having a little too much fun taking these pictures. 

We did eat real food too at some point during the day involving delicious veggies and seafood. Mmm I loved it but that’s a post for another time.

Off to run and get some yoga time in with my mom! Love it when everyone’s home on break with me 🙂

Did you do the Home for the Holidays Virtual 10k?

What was your favorite dessert you made/ate this weekend?

Probably the peppermint crunch cookies

Random Question: Is it warm where you are running? It’s crazy warm all over the country right now! 

The high today is 44! Which is insane for Michigan. I feel like I’m back in Texas for Christmas. Kind of nice 🙂




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4 responses to “Home for the Holidays

  1. Hello! I just found your blog and wanted to leave a comment. I’m a college runner training for a marathon too! Congratulations on running Chicago. That’s so exciting! I hope you’re enjoying your break from school (I know I am!)

    • Smore

      So awesome! So, glad you commented! Marathon training was seriously sooo much fun; I miss it! It is such a great journey, I hope you have fun with yours!

  2. That picture of the trail with the fresh snow and footprints is perfect! We’re stilll waiting for snow in my neck of the woods; never thought it’d almost be January and no snow in WI! Crazy.

    I wasn’t really in the Christmas mood this year either. Finals went up to the 20th for me and I just wasn’t feeling it until Christmas Eve. I did the virtual 10k on Christmas Eve too–complete with a Santa hat and a bell 🙂

    • Smore

      Same for me! Christmas eve is really when it started to fill like Christmas. It gets harder and harder every year. Having finals until the 20th wouldn’t help either! My gosh! The trail really was so pretty that morning. Congrats on finishing the Holiday 10k!

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