A Purple Pig?

Pretty sure I am still running on a Chicago high 3 days later. The lights, the buildings, the people and the food! Have I mentioned the food? Before leaving for the city I knew that I was going to have to make a game plan for all of the amazing eats that would ensue. Otherwise, I knew I would get overwhelmed deciding; meaning it would take quite a while and a few miles of walking back and forth between restaurants. Then I would become hangry and then well Chicago would have been a completely different trip for everyone involved.

I don’t do well hungry.

However, a fueled up Sarah is a happy Sarah and therefore creates a very happy trip.

That being said I have to share with you all where the fueling began.

Our first meal was at The Purple Pig – This may be not only my favorite restaurant in Chicago but my favorite restaurant ever! I called in a few hours before asking if they took reservations and they said “No but try to arrive around 5:30 to get a seat”. With that statement I knew we were in for something fabulous. We made it to the restaurant at 5:45 and got the last seat in the house tucked away in the corner. It was noisy and I almost, almost second guessed my dinner decision. Only I soon realized the reason for the noise. The menu came out, the wine came out and there were so many menu options that I began to understand the excitement in the restaurant. Oh my Yum.

This restaurant is tapas style, every foodie’s dream,  and so we chose 4 different items off of the menu.

1.) Acorn squash with a balsamic glaze over XXXX which is a fancy cheese! It spread beautifully over the bread that came with it too. Swoon. It was awesome.

2.) Butternut Squash with Sage: One word – ahmazing 🙂

3.) Eggplant Parmesan Balls: Basically cheese balls with a slice of eggplant (wouldn’t order this again) but still yummy.

4.) Braised Pork Shoulder: This was the house speciality so we had to order it. I was shocked and how good it was! Normally I would choose a veggie option as a favorite but this dish was beyond awesome.

And just for kicks we also found our way to the famous Giordanos for lunch the next day. While we didn’t order their famous stuffed pizza we did order the tropical delight (my weakness) and it was pretty stinkin awesome.

To summarize: When in Chicago eat at the Purple Pig and Giordanos. Great 🙂

Now, it’s time to start my Sunday!  In no particular order some time running, crafting, crepeing? and churching is about to begin!

Do you like to schedule your trips around food and restaurants?

What is your favorite restaurant? 



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6 responses to “A Purple Pig?

  1. wow, so many delicious eats!! it’s making me hungry! i’m all about the food on trips… whenever we go somewhere, i plan to hit up my favorite restaurants or new-to-me places that i’ve heard are excellent!

  2. Chicago definitely has the best food ever!

  3. My hunger levels just doubled! Thanks a lot 🙂

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