Last Day of Vacay?!

How is it already Monday? My last day in Michigan? I have to go back to school tomorrow what?! 

This break has flown by this year and it has been nothing short of wonderful. I am most definitely not ready to get back to that whole school thing. Call me crazy but I have been enjoying my quiet/comfy bed, a fully stocked fridge and dinners that are just waiting to be eaten on the table!

I have to leave? Really? 

I suppose all good things do come to an end.

I finished up my last Sunday in comfort paradise with a 10 mile run and crepes 🙂


I planned out a root to where if I had a special prince drop me off at a certain road and then plant himself at a coffee shop I could run right to him and get in my 10 miles!

Princes + coffee+ running?! It was fabulous.

The weather was surprisingly pretty perfect. I was worried I was going to be cold but ended up getting so hot I had to take my gloves off. I decided to be dropped off after the first mile of rolling hills thinking the next 10 miles would be smooth sailing. Boy was I wrong! The next 6 miles were constant hills which I wasn’t really ready for but somehow kept up my goal pace of 9 minutes. Once I made it to the last 4 miles it felt so easy to finish up my run.

The goal was to finish 10 miles in 1:30:00 which is about 3 minutes faster than my 10 miler last week. I planned this thinking I wouldn’t run the hills and therefore could shoot my time down easy cheesy. Well, turns out my run was actually full of hills but somehow made it to mile 9 at 1:22:00. I knew if I really picked up my pace for the last mile I could get my goal time. I was on the trail so there wasn’t a hill in sight. I went for it and really pushed for the last mile. I finished up my 10 miles in 1:29:26 which made my average mile pace 8:58! Wahoo!

Avg Pace
Summary 1:29:36.1 10.00 8:58
1 8:56.6 1.00 8:57
2 8:59.2 1.00 8:59
3 9:21.8 1.00 9:22
4 9:06.6 1.00 9:07
5 8:48.7 1.00 8:49
6 9:11.5 1.00 9:12
7 8:56.2 1.00 8:56
8 8:59.6 1.00 9:00
9 9:11.0 1.00 9:11
10 8:05.0 1.00 8:05

It was fantastic! I always feel better after a run. Always! 

I give full credit to the crepes I ate for breakfast for my awesome run.

Not my crepe but it is the recipe that I used!

Actually, no I don’t. They didn’t sit well. I do not suggest you eat crepes before a log run. PB and banana? Go for it! But not a fancy crepe.

Now, today being my last day on break technically since the rest of the week involves driving for hours on end to get back to school, moving into my new house (!) and babysitting, I need to live it up!

Today’s Activities: go ice skating, eat at The Green Restaurant, go to the cutest apple orchard in the whole wide world, stock up on these bagels and run! I have 3 miles and some pilates on the agenda for today!

Welp, better get the day started!

Did your winter break fly by?! 

How would you spend your last day of vacation? 

Did you run this weekend? How did it go?!



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6 responses to “Last Day of Vacay?!

  1. It seems like breaks always fly by! I wish I even had a break!

  2. Today was my last day of vacation too! I do NOT want to go back to school. Sadly, spending the rest of my life on my parent’s couch is not really an option they’ll allow…
    I spent the day with my mom, starting with a weight lifting/abs class at the gym (because nothing says last day of vacation like a little 7 a.m. mother-daughter sweat time!) We also went to the Guggenheim and walked around Manhattan a bit. It was so nice to spend the day with her before I go back to school!

  3. I agree…not many better combos out there than running and coffee and princes 🙂 I went for a run yesterday, and actually enjoyed the cold…which is a big step for my southern self!

  4. Considering my winter break was 3 days long, it sure did fly by! I miss the winter break of college. This was my first christmas after graduation and it was quite an adjustment getting no time off! I’d say enjoy it as much as you can! Spend time with your family and friends from home, sleep in, get in some long, quality workouts and just enjoy having nothing on your plate : )

  5. Theresa

    This is completely random, but I started reading your blog from Hungry Runner Girl, and was reading about the Green Well and Robinettes! My brother’s wife is from GR and we ate at Green Well for her bachelorette party and took wedding pics at Robinettes =) I live in Atlanta, but my parents are from Grand Haven. Fun to read a blog about places I know!

    • Smore

      Oh so awesome! I love reading blogs about familiar places too. Too bad robinette’s was closed when I tried to go.. Maybe next time I’m up there!

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