Deep Breath

Well, now that was a whirlwind! After packing up my room, and shedding a few tears saying goodbye to the family I made the 9 hour trek back to school. Fueled by coffee and jellybeans I made it back safe and sound to my little college home.

It’s crazy to think that another semester is about to begin. Where does the time go? Each semester is so different for me: sometimes good, sometimes not so good but every time I close up a semester and head home for break I’ve learned something new about myself. Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been figuring out little bits and pieces about who I am, what I can handle, what I most definitely can’t handle and have been slowly but surely been coming into my own.

This semester feels just a little different than past semesters. I’m feeling more at ease, more comfortable where I am both in my life and in my actual college town, and quite honestly I’m feeling just a little more grown up. While, I still plan on shedding tears while saying goodbye to my parents and still plan to give them frantic “the world is going to end because I don’t think I did well on this test!” phone calls; I feel like I can take a deep breath now and say “okay, I know what I’m doing; I know how this whole college thang works. Let’s do it, get it done. I’m ready for summer break already.”

Ready? Let’s do it. Deep Breath now.. ahhh

Feelin good. 

Now, if your still reading after my quarter-life epiphany paragraph super! Let’s talk about some food, running, and all that jazz.

As soon as I got back to school I met up with my friend for a running date. Perfect way to start off the semester if ya ask me! We ran 1.5 miles out and back averaging a 9:05 pace with our first mile at 8:41. We slowed down after the first mile but I definitely felt like I could keep that pace up for the whole run. On my own I usually run a 9 minute mile but I know I can go faster and need to start  pushing myself  a little harder which is one of the reasons why I love faster running partners. It’s crazy when I’m running with someone it doesn’t even feel like I’m working as hard but my pace is always always faster.

Avg Pace
Summary 27:15.2 3.00 9:05
1 8:41.6 1.00 8:42
2 9:16.4 1.00 9:16
3 9:17.2 1.00 9:17


Note to self: work harder. You want to get faster and know that you can. So, why not? Stop being lazy Sarah. K? K, great!

That being said this semester I need to increase my cross training, do more weights, and eat more meals that will make me fast like this one:

I can’t get enough of this quinoa! Mmm

Do you cross train at all?

Do you lift weights? Do you notice a difference in your running when you incorporate weights?



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10 responses to “Deep Breath

  1. I love taking rest days (from running) to lift or take a group exercise class. I see a big difference when I don’t run every day!

    • Smore

      Agreed! I didn’t run yesterday and had such an awesome run this morning! Hmmm.. I just need to find another workout that I like just as much as running.

  2. Running buddies are the best! It makes such a difference to have someone to chat with. I definitely think it makes me faster too!
    I am trying to start doing more weight lifting/overall cross training this year. I’m training for a marathon and I notice on my long runs that my form gets really bad towards the end, and I think that having better core strength and overall fitness will help with that. It’s always a struggle to get my butt out the door to the gym, but I always feel good about it afterwards!

    • Smore

      A good workout is something you never regret! I notice such a difference in how I feel when I have a stronger core. When I don’t do abs for awhile my back hurts after long runs.. not good!

  3. Nice run! Perfect way to settle back in 🙂

    I cross train on an elyptical if I have access or an exercise bike. I do it mainly because I can’t run everyday without getting injured. I ‘understand’ the benefits of strength training… but it hasn’t translated into actually doing it yet 😉

  4. I take a few days off running each week to cross train or lift weights. I don’t take “rest days” every week, but I make sure to get some easy workouts in.

  5. I definitely incorporate weights and do heavy lifting about twice a week. I’m so scared over overdoing cardio and losing muscle!

    • Smore

      Thanks for the comment natalie! I never do weights and really need to and haven’t ever thought of it that way. I do way to much cardio to not strength train.

  6. Coffee + jellybeans = breakfast of champions. 😉

    College is amazing in that it totally makes you go up and down on an emotional roller coaster. It really does make you a stronger person. You’re well on your way, girlfraaaand.

    Cross training and weight-lifting are great because they really challenge your body and keep your muscles guessing. I’m obsessed with weight lifting…there’s nothing like actually FEELING yourself getting stronger!

    • Smore

      Thanks for the comment Heather! I need to learn some new weight lifting workouts because I’m always doing the same ones! I can see how it can get addicting though!

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