Meals and Miles

Happy MLK Day Everyone! How has everyone’s weekend been going? Good? Great? Did you get in some good runs? I sure hope so! I got in a 5 miler on Saturday but was so worn out on Sunday that I planted my self on my couch and watched one of my favorite bloggers get married on David Tutera! It was fabulous. Congratulations Danica!

Sometimes you just need a couch day ya know? 

After my lazy Sunday I made plans to meet a friend for an early 5 miler this morning. I set my alarm for 6am and made my way downstairs to grab some pre-run fuel and coffee.

Toast with jam, half a banana and some walnuts + snickerdoodle coffee 🙂

I read over some bloggie blogs: i.e. Hungry Runner GirlSinging Runner; & Susan Runs for some motivation and was out the door by 7:15.

We ran 2.5 miles out back and it felt so awesome. After a freak snow storm last week I was so happy to ditch my tights and run in shorts. It was great.

Avg Pace
Summary 46:16.9 5.00 9:15
1 9:39.1 1.00 9:39
2 9:01.0 1.00 9:01
3 9:12.4 1.00 9:12
4 9:30.5 1.00 9:31
5 8:53.9 1.00 8:53


We chatted and the 5 miles flew by. 8:30 am and 5 miles done! Bam! What did you do this morning before 9am?

Fueled back up with an egg sammie and now it’s time to finish organizing my room before I meet some new friends for some ultimate frisbee and then later get ready to go to the MU Bball game!


Any good runs this weekend?

This mornings 5 miler was my favorite!

What is your favorite sporting event to go?

I hate playing basketball but I actually really do love to go to the games!



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8 responses to “Meals and Miles

  1. great job on your run!! reading running blogs is such great motivation 🙂 i ran 7.2 miles in an hour yesterday which is fast for me! im giving my shins a rest today!

    my fav sporting event = college basketball! go uconn 🙂

  2. I had a nice 5 miler yesterday, too! I was going to go outside, but it was so dang frigid I decided to suck it up and use the treadmill.

  3. I had an awesome run this weekend too! I love when that happens. It just makes your whole day better to start off feeling fast and free and awesome.
    Also, snickerdoodle coffee? WHERE DOES THAT COME FROM AND HOW CAN I GET SOME? That literally sounds like the most delicious thing in the world.
    Have fun at the basketball game today! I like watching basketball but I usually have no idea what’s going on. I really don’t know anything about sports other than baseball…

    • Smore

      Snickerdoodle coffee is pretty stinkin awesome 🙂 It’s from this place called Herman’s Boy in Michigan. It’s a local coffee shop. I wish they had more of them!

  4. I think I have fun at nearly any sporting event…I just love the atmosphere! I took way too much time off running over the holidays and was seriously pleased with a four mile run today 🙂

  5. Love reading your posts! Sorry if I missed it, but do you have your next Marathon in mind? Or just getting the base milage under way? I ran my first this fall, it was a journey to say the least! I posted about it in my triathlon section if you need a good story!

    • Smore

      I haven’t picked a marathon yet. I have two half marathons in the spring that I plan on doing. Thanks for stopping by! I’ll have to check out your marathon post!

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