It’s Back!

Training that is! After I ran my marathon last October I went through a mega slump that I wasn’t expecting. I spent months preparing for that race. Every morning I woke up and new exactly what I had to do that day: easy runs, long runs, rest days, they were all planned out for me. So, when the big day came and went I had no idea what to do with myself. How many miles should I be running each week? Do I still need to cross train? Have rest days? SOMEONETELLMEWHATTODO!

I’m a planner, a scheduler, a list maker. It’s what I do. It’s who I am!

Well, ladies and gentleman I’ve officially got a brand new plan that I put to action this past Saturday and it feels good 🙂

Since I’m part of fantastic running group now they gave me a lovely little plan to follow to get me ready for my half marathon in the spring: Rock the Parkway. The only downside to it is that it basically starts you off as if you were a beginning runner with a run/walk system. Now, I’m all for run/walking but I need a little bit more of an endorphin lifting blood pumping workout to really get me going. That being said I plan on following the plan but also adding my own spin on things.

First Few Training Runs: 

Saturday – 5 miles: I woke up to the coldest Saturday I have experienced in a while. It was 17 degrees with no sun.. ew? I was so ready to curl right back under my covers in my fleece coffee pajamas. Ohh sounds good doesn’t it? It was a tough decision but a few encouraging text messages later I was bundled up and out the door. Running buddies are da best. Once I met with my solemates I found out we were going to work on pacing and negative splitting. Organized running? Running with a purpose? Huh?

side note: I’ve been running fo-eva and just found out what negative splitting means (don’t judge) soo if you’re like me and just never asked it’s finishing the second half of your run faster than your first! 

I brought along my trusty garm garm (garmin) and we set out for our first half marathon training run. We ran 2.5 miles out and back and ran our first mile as a warm up about 30 seconds slower than the rest. We should have gone slower for our warm up but it was our first run pacing ourselves. Practice practice. My garmin died half way through (doh!) so I’m not sure about negative splitting but all in all I’d say it was pretty excellent/freezing run. We finished up with some much needed dynamic stretching.

Sidenote #2: I haven’t done dynamic stretching in quite along time and ya know what? I woke up on Sunday feeling like a million bucks! I’m learning so much from my solemates!

I then raced home, showered, put on my cozy sweats and drank some warm coffee. Mmm happiness in a cup 🙂

Sunday – Cross training: I love running I do, but I really love running in the morning. Afternoon runs seem like work to me so when it got to about 2:00pm on Sunday I decided it was time to hit the gym. I did a little research and found a super awesome  Elliptical Workout from Julie. I’ve been loving interval workouts at the gym; they do a fantastic job of keeping me entertained.

Once I finished with Julie’s workout I hopped off and headed over to the free weights. I only know a few moves so I did what I knew and left with some pretty tired arms!

Monday – 3 miles: One of the best things about not having 8am classes is that I can start my day doing something that I love. Once I graduate and have to do that whole real world job thing I always want to make sure I can run or get some sort of workout in before the day begins. Starting my day with work just doesn’t really appeal to me.

So, I woke up ran 3 miles in some crazy wind, (my times were all over the place today), came back and did an awesome yoga inspired workout I saw in my Health magazine. My arms are still burning!

I’ve got a whole week of planned workouts and can’t wait to wake up and run my miles tomorrow! Wahoo!

Now, it’s time to finish up some Bio homework before I head over to a friend’s house for a Bachelor watching party!

Do you workout in the morning? Afternoon?

Morning is my favorite!

Are you watching the Bachelor tonight?!

You betcha! Things are getting crazy! Drama drama



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8 responses to “It’s Back!

  1. OMG – definitely watching the bachelor – sometimes, I wonder why I watch this show…but I have to…totally sucked in!

    I am a morning workout kinda girl but I also do yoga in the evenings some days…

  2. thisfitchick

    great runs! I workout in the afternoon- it just works with my class schedule… yes i will watch!

  3. nice job getting back at it! that’s a great feeling. I’m a strictly morning running and wouldn’t have it any other way – best way to start the day!

    Not into the bachelor! Never even watched it… kind of like it that way 🙂

  4. Morning exercise is the only way for me!

    The bachelor is probably the most brain numbing yet entertaining show on right now.. I thoroughly enjoy the ridiculousness.

  5. I am totally list oriented too and enjoy being ‘in training’ just cause I have exactly what I need to do for a few months laid out right in front of me. I’m definitely a morning person, I’m about to head out for my run myself actually.
    The Bachelor is such a guilty pleasure–I want Courtney GONE!

  6. I am a HUGE planner too! If I don’t plan out my week I start to panic. Like WHAT AM I SUPPOSE TO DO????

  7. I love running early in the morning. It’s so quiet and the day feels so fresh! Definitely the best way to start off the day. But I will say that in D.C. it can be really nice to go running in the afternoon in the fall/winter/spring (not the summer, it’s too hot!). Late afternoon is my favorite time of day and running along the Potomac as the sun gets lower and lower is just SO beautiful.

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