Sleepy Run

I did not get any sleep after this post. I went to bed pretty much right after the game ended and was almost sound asleep whenever the roommates came back.. post basketball game fun ensued. It was loud, I was tired and I woke up a few hours later with a major headache and random people sleeping in my living room? Hmm.. #collegeproblems

I knew that I had 6 miles planned with my friend but because I knew that she went to the game the night before I thought I’d send her a quick text to make sure she was still up for it. A few seconds later I got a text explaining exhaustion and dehydration.. valid.

With this in mind I drank some much needed coffee and ate some PB/cinnamon + banana toast surrounded by sleeping college kids. Who are you?!  Hope they didn’t mind the sound of me clinking in the kitchen next to them. Whatcanyado?

I ate my toast, drank my coffee and set out for 6 miles. I have to tell you this was not a pretty 6 miles. I felt terrible! I was exhausted from not sleeping well the night before and I basically just dragged myself through my run. Oh and my garmin died at mile 4.. I have got to remember to charge that thing!

I tried my best to work on my pacing but my route ended up being pretty hilly so my times are all over the place again..

Either way I set out for a run and finished it. Got it done 🙂

AND came back to my new favorite post run meal:

Cottage cheese + greek yogurt+ grapes + walnuts+ cinnamon cheerios = Heaven!

Don’t knock it till you try it 🙂 & it kept me full for hours! Champion breakfast

The rest of the day involved church, errands and a super bowl party where looots of yummy food was made and consumed! I also may or may not have purchased a new kitchen toy that I’m in love with 🙂

What is your favorite post run meal?

What did you do for the super bowl? 

Did you know that apparently the average American consumed 4200 calories yesterday?!? Seriously?



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