Yesterday was just one of those days that everything seemed to fit together nicely. It was refreshing. I enjoyed it.

It started off with my first WIAW post  and then I walked into a magical class called Health Education in the Classroom. Seriously? I could not be more excited about this class! Health education + schools? It was meant to be. I think that’s called serendipity? AKA my most favorite word.

Then I had my run.. that didn’t go as well as the rest of my day actually but I did it. 

Avg Pace
Summary 27:38.8 3.01 9:11
1 9:01.1 1.00 9:01
2 9:24.4 1.00 9:24
3 9:08.9 1.00 9:09
4 :04.4 0.01 9:00

Bing Bang Boom

Went to my bio lab class that was fun fun because it was syllabus day. I’m sure I’ll have a completely different opinion of it in a few weeks. But ya know yagottadowhatchagottado and I’ve gotta take a bio lab class.. ehh

Got to spend time doing my usual Wednesday/ Thursday babysitting thang. We ate pickles, read stories and colored.

It doesn’t get better than that if you ask me. Professional babysitter right here. Love it.

Once the babysitting gig was up I met up with my Solemates team for our season kick off!

Recycled photo.. but pineapple pizza is so wonderful and deserved a piccha.

Loads of pineapple pizza was consumed whilst talking about about running, races, chafing and blisters. Loved it. #runnerds

We all talked about which races we’re all signed up for and I’ve got 5 from now until the fall that I’ve got my eye on.

1.) Rock the Parkway: Half marathon: April 14

2.) Go Girl: Half Marathon: May 26

3.) Mother Road Marathon: October 9 – I think it would be so awesome to run a marathon in 3 states and this races goes through three different states!

4.) Girls on the Run 5k:  May 19 –  Can’t forget about this race in May! I won’t be “racing” it but I for sure will be cheering on all of my future GOTR girls as an assistant coach!

5.) The Color Run: June 16 – Have you seen this? Oh my gosh I might have to make a visit back to KC this summer just so I can do this run. How fun would that be?!

So, there ya go I’ve got 4 5 big races coming up this year. So crazy pumped 🙂

After all that running talk and pineapple pizza eating I was in a fantastic mood and then on my way home I got a call from one of my oldest bestest friends from life! We talked and talked and caught up on everything.  It was so great. I love talking to old friends. Warms my heart 🙂

Pretty fantabulous day if you ask me. I went to bed with a smile on my face and pizza in my belly. Yummzo

Do you keep in contact with old friends?

It’s been hard since I’ve moved away but I’ve tried to keep in touch with a few.

Have you ever been apart of a racing group like Solemates or Team in Training? 

This is my first time running with a group!


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I’ve never participated in a WIAW before but this morning I decided why not? I love looking at others foodie pics, I like taking foodie pics, so I think it’s about time I jumped on the “What I Ate Wednesday” train.

First things first ya know?

 Snickerdoodle coffee fuels my soul 🙂 mmm

Oats for breakfast: 1/2 c oats, vanilla almond milk, 1/2 mashed banana, walnuts, + greek yogurt for some extra protein

This yum yum chili fed me last week, last night and will show up in my lunch today too! My dad got me a crock pot for christmas and I used it for the first time last week making this sweet potato chili! It was so so good.  I’ve had leftovers 3 x over! Thank you to Dad for making the ole college wallet streeetch out 🙂

These little guys have been 10 for $10 at the store and every time I run in there I have to grab a few more. $1 greek yogurt? Sign me up!

That’s all I’ve got for my first WIAW! Now, it’s time to start my second “first day” of classes and then some babysitting action will ensue and then later I’m going to the Solemates kick off party! Fun Fun!

Hope everyone has a magical hump day!

Do you participate in WIAW?

First time this morning!

Do you like taking foodie pics?

I do when my food is pretty!


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Meals and Miles

Happy MLK Day Everyone! How has everyone’s weekend been going? Good? Great? Did you get in some good runs? I sure hope so! I got in a 5 miler on Saturday but was so worn out on Sunday that I planted my self on my couch and watched one of my favorite bloggers get married on David Tutera! It was fabulous. Congratulations Danica!

Sometimes you just need a couch day ya know? 

After my lazy Sunday I made plans to meet a friend for an early 5 miler this morning. I set my alarm for 6am and made my way downstairs to grab some pre-run fuel and coffee.

Toast with jam, half a banana and some walnuts + snickerdoodle coffee 🙂

I read over some bloggie blogs: i.e. Hungry Runner GirlSinging Runner; & Susan Runs for some motivation and was out the door by 7:15.

We ran 2.5 miles out back and it felt so awesome. After a freak snow storm last week I was so happy to ditch my tights and run in shorts. It was great.

Avg Pace
Summary 46:16.9 5.00 9:15
1 9:39.1 1.00 9:39
2 9:01.0 1.00 9:01
3 9:12.4 1.00 9:12
4 9:30.5 1.00 9:31
5 8:53.9 1.00 8:53


We chatted and the 5 miles flew by. 8:30 am and 5 miles done! Bam! What did you do this morning before 9am?

Fueled back up with an egg sammie and now it’s time to finish organizing my room before I meet some new friends for some ultimate frisbee and then later get ready to go to the MU Bball game!


Any good runs this weekend?

This mornings 5 miler was my favorite!

What is your favorite sporting event to go?

I hate playing basketball but I actually really do love to go to the games!


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Deep Breath

Well, now that was a whirlwind! After packing up my room, and shedding a few tears saying goodbye to the family I made the 9 hour trek back to school. Fueled by coffee and jellybeans I made it back safe and sound to my little college home.

It’s crazy to think that another semester is about to begin. Where does the time go? Each semester is so different for me: sometimes good, sometimes not so good but every time I close up a semester and head home for break I’ve learned something new about myself. Over the last 2.5 years I’ve been figuring out little bits and pieces about who I am, what I can handle, what I most definitely can’t handle and have been slowly but surely been coming into my own.

This semester feels just a little different than past semesters. I’m feeling more at ease, more comfortable where I am both in my life and in my actual college town, and quite honestly I’m feeling just a little more grown up. While, I still plan on shedding tears while saying goodbye to my parents and still plan to give them frantic “the world is going to end because I don’t think I did well on this test!” phone calls; I feel like I can take a deep breath now and say “okay, I know what I’m doing; I know how this whole college thang works. Let’s do it, get it done. I’m ready for summer break already.”

Ready? Let’s do it. Deep Breath now.. ahhh

Feelin good. 

Now, if your still reading after my quarter-life epiphany paragraph super! Let’s talk about some food, running, and all that jazz.

As soon as I got back to school I met up with my friend for a running date. Perfect way to start off the semester if ya ask me! We ran 1.5 miles out and back averaging a 9:05 pace with our first mile at 8:41. We slowed down after the first mile but I definitely felt like I could keep that pace up for the whole run. On my own I usually run a 9 minute mile but I know I can go faster and need to start  pushing myself  a little harder which is one of the reasons why I love faster running partners. It’s crazy when I’m running with someone it doesn’t even feel like I’m working as hard but my pace is always always faster.

Avg Pace
Summary 27:15.2 3.00 9:05
1 8:41.6 1.00 8:42
2 9:16.4 1.00 9:16
3 9:17.2 1.00 9:17


Note to self: work harder. You want to get faster and know that you can. So, why not? Stop being lazy Sarah. K? K, great!

That being said this semester I need to increase my cross training, do more weights, and eat more meals that will make me fast like this one:

I can’t get enough of this quinoa! Mmm

Do you cross train at all?

Do you lift weights? Do you notice a difference in your running when you incorporate weights?


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Last Day of Vacay?!

How is it already Monday? My last day in Michigan? I have to go back to school tomorrow what?! 

This break has flown by this year and it has been nothing short of wonderful. I am most definitely not ready to get back to that whole school thing. Call me crazy but I have been enjoying my quiet/comfy bed, a fully stocked fridge and dinners that are just waiting to be eaten on the table!

I have to leave? Really? 

I suppose all good things do come to an end.

I finished up my last Sunday in comfort paradise with a 10 mile run and crepes 🙂


I planned out a root to where if I had a special prince drop me off at a certain road and then plant himself at a coffee shop I could run right to him and get in my 10 miles!

Princes + coffee+ running?! It was fabulous.

The weather was surprisingly pretty perfect. I was worried I was going to be cold but ended up getting so hot I had to take my gloves off. I decided to be dropped off after the first mile of rolling hills thinking the next 10 miles would be smooth sailing. Boy was I wrong! The next 6 miles were constant hills which I wasn’t really ready for but somehow kept up my goal pace of 9 minutes. Once I made it to the last 4 miles it felt so easy to finish up my run.

The goal was to finish 10 miles in 1:30:00 which is about 3 minutes faster than my 10 miler last week. I planned this thinking I wouldn’t run the hills and therefore could shoot my time down easy cheesy. Well, turns out my run was actually full of hills but somehow made it to mile 9 at 1:22:00. I knew if I really picked up my pace for the last mile I could get my goal time. I was on the trail so there wasn’t a hill in sight. I went for it and really pushed for the last mile. I finished up my 10 miles in 1:29:26 which made my average mile pace 8:58! Wahoo!

Avg Pace
Summary 1:29:36.1 10.00 8:58
1 8:56.6 1.00 8:57
2 8:59.2 1.00 8:59
3 9:21.8 1.00 9:22
4 9:06.6 1.00 9:07
5 8:48.7 1.00 8:49
6 9:11.5 1.00 9:12
7 8:56.2 1.00 8:56
8 8:59.6 1.00 9:00
9 9:11.0 1.00 9:11
10 8:05.0 1.00 8:05

It was fantastic! I always feel better after a run. Always! 

I give full credit to the crepes I ate for breakfast for my awesome run.

Not my crepe but it is the recipe that I used!

Actually, no I don’t. They didn’t sit well. I do not suggest you eat crepes before a log run. PB and banana? Go for it! But not a fancy crepe.

Now, today being my last day on break technically since the rest of the week involves driving for hours on end to get back to school, moving into my new house (!) and babysitting, I need to live it up!

Today’s Activities: go ice skating, eat at The Green Restaurant, go to the cutest apple orchard in the whole wide world, stock up on these bagels and run! I have 3 miles and some pilates on the agenda for today!

Welp, better get the day started!

Did your winter break fly by?! 

How would you spend your last day of vacation? 

Did you run this weekend? How did it go?!


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A Purple Pig?

Pretty sure I am still running on a Chicago high 3 days later. The lights, the buildings, the people and the food! Have I mentioned the food? Before leaving for the city I knew that I was going to have to make a game plan for all of the amazing eats that would ensue. Otherwise, I knew I would get overwhelmed deciding; meaning it would take quite a while and a few miles of walking back and forth between restaurants. Then I would become hangry and then well Chicago would have been a completely different trip for everyone involved.

I don’t do well hungry.

However, a fueled up Sarah is a happy Sarah and therefore creates a very happy trip.

That being said I have to share with you all where the fueling began.

Our first meal was at The Purple Pig – This may be not only my favorite restaurant in Chicago but my favorite restaurant ever! I called in a few hours before asking if they took reservations and they said “No but try to arrive around 5:30 to get a seat”. With that statement I knew we were in for something fabulous. We made it to the restaurant at 5:45 and got the last seat in the house tucked away in the corner. It was noisy and I almost, almost second guessed my dinner decision. Only I soon realized the reason for the noise. The menu came out, the wine came out and there were so many menu options that I began to understand the excitement in the restaurant. Oh my Yum.

This restaurant is tapas style, every foodie’s dream,  and so we chose 4 different items off of the menu.

1.) Acorn squash with a balsamic glaze over XXXX which is a fancy cheese! It spread beautifully over the bread that came with it too. Swoon. It was awesome.

2.) Butternut Squash with Sage: One word – ahmazing 🙂

3.) Eggplant Parmesan Balls: Basically cheese balls with a slice of eggplant (wouldn’t order this again) but still yummy.

4.) Braised Pork Shoulder: This was the house speciality so we had to order it. I was shocked and how good it was! Normally I would choose a veggie option as a favorite but this dish was beyond awesome.

And just for kicks we also found our way to the famous Giordanos for lunch the next day. While we didn’t order their famous stuffed pizza we did order the tropical delight (my weakness) and it was pretty stinkin awesome.

To summarize: When in Chicago eat at the Purple Pig and Giordanos. Great 🙂

Now, it’s time to start my Sunday!  In no particular order some time running, crafting, crepeing? and churching is about to begin!

Do you like to schedule your trips around food and restaurants?

What is your favorite restaurant? 


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Chicago and Back

For the last 1.5 days I have been roaming the streets of one of my favorite cities, eating unbelievable food, climbing to the tallest building in the Western hemisphere, and scoring some great deals 🙂 

All under a blanket of sunshine and 50 degree weather.

Say Whaa? Chicago in January? 50 degrees? 

I questioned it too at first, but once I realized that I wasn’t dreaming I accepted and moved right along 😉

It was magic. I planned on waking up and running before the day began but yeaa that didn’t really happen. Good thing too because I’m pretty sure we walked 15 miles throughout the day. I kicked myself for forgetting to wear my garmin! I’m going to have to put it all on Dailymile and figure out exactly how far we walked. We would eat lunch and then 2 hours of walking later I would be hungry again! Geeze laweeez

Good for my love for trying new foods.. bad for my wallet. 

Good that we were only there for 1.5 days and didn’t spend too much money.. bad that we had to leave 😦

Good that we walked everywhere and only took a taxi once, at the end, because SOMEBODY really wanted to drive in a taxi.. bad that we had to pay for parking. Pretty sure that took 1/3 of my bagel making money for a month!

Good that we made it home safely.. bad that I’m somewhat sore from all the walking.

Chicago was such a great trip and am soo glad that we did it! There is always just so much to do there and so many choices it’s easy to get overwhelmed with what exactly we should do first. I still have a massive bucket list of everything I want to do in the city.

Another day.. another time.

I plan having a whole other post for our Chicago eats because well they were amazing!

Now time to start my day! Lots of cleaning, running, and errand running is about to ensue! Good thing I carbo loaded yesterday 😉

What is your favorite city to visit?

Do you make sure to workout during your trips?


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Worry Wart? Wort?

This is what I’ve been doing ALOT of lately. I’m a self proclaimed worry wart (?) wort (?)  I come from a long line of worriers, sort of, so I blame genetics.

This girl has got quite a lot on her mind and over the last two nights I have taken in a total of oh maybe 6 hours of sleep? Which is not conducive to a healthy vacation sleep pattern. I’m supposed to go back to school in a week feeling refreshed! Oy vey.. 

What is it I worry about so much? Well, you see I’m in my early 20’s what is there not to worry about? Life, love, jobs, future homes, family, friends.. you name it & I am sure I have worried about it! geeze laweezz

What’s a girl to do.. 

On a brighter note I got in a 3 mile run yesterday which always helps to put my mind at ease. Unfortunately, I did a 1.5 mile out and back on the icy streets of good ol Michigan. Pretty sure I spent those miles starting and stopping and then tip toeing around the icy patches. Not my smartest decision. However, I think I’m still in denial of what winter really feels like for all of these northerners.

What you didn’t spend most of your life in 60 degree Januarys? bummer

After 2.5 years this still takes some getting used to. I miss my sunshine and running shorts.

On an even Brighter note tomorrow will be spent in Chicago! Hopefully it won’t be nearly as cold and icy as it is up here..

I know, again, I’m in denial.

What do you do to combat your worries?!

Running helps a ton but sometimes I just can’t shake em!

Do you have a favorite city? 

Chicago is pretty high on my list!


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Running It In

Well, the first day of 2012 came and went and I would have to say it came and went quite wonderfully. After a full day of traveling I rang in the new year nestled in my own bed sound asleep. It was bliss.

I planned a run for the next day because what better way to start off the new year than with a rockin run?!

Just in case you would like to know what I wore on my first run of 2012. I know this is super interesting but I stole that jacket from my mom for that run & it is the BEST running jacket I have ever worn. Need ONE now!

I was worried that I was going to be too hot during my run since the temps were close to 40! Except as soon as I stepped outside I knew that I most definitely did not under dress. The wind was killer and it was sprinkling sideways? Not pretty. I planned on doing a 5 mile out and back run but got a little lost and ended up doing a sort of 10 mile loop.

Is it a bad thing that I like to get lost on my runs? I got lost around mile 4 and since I planned early on to do 6 I said to myself, “welp I have 6 miles to find myself” and find myself I did! I had a rocking playlist and in case you were wondering this song will get you out of any future running funk you might go through.


Remember it. Love it. Use it. 

Anyways, I eventually found my way out finished up my run and ate the most delicious cranberry walnut bagel I have ever met. I’m a self proclaimed bagel and coffee snob (product of parents) so when I say Herman’s Boy has the best bagels that means serious business. Sad story because there is only one location world wide. That means you all just need to make a little trip up to MI. I will run with you and then we can eat bagels. It will be lovely.

Here are my splits from my 10 miler yesterday. Love being able to share these now!

Avg Pace
Summary 1:32:27.0 10.01 9:14
1 9:29.9 1.00 9:30
2 9:39.2 1.00 9:39
3 9:04.3 1.00 9:04
4 9:00.3 1.00 9:00
5 8:48.2 1.00 8:48
6 8:50.8 1.00 8:51
7 9:08.2 1.00 9:08
8 10:01.4 1.00 10:01
9 9:12.5 1.00 9:12
10 9:06.4 1.00 9:06
11 :06.1 0.01 7:58

andd I need to let the world know that we ate this for dinner last because it was oh so good.

A full on Indian New Years feast complete with chicken tikka and naan bread! Oh my yum. I’ll use any excuse to make butternut squash. Love it. 

How did your first day of 2012 go?

Did you run this weekend?! 

What is your favorite food to make? Italian? Indian? American?! Do you have favorite recipes to go along with it? 


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The Goals Post

I have a few more hours left on the beach and had to make sure I got in one last run wear I could wear shorts this morning! I ran with my mom for 3 miles today and it felt great. I got in an awesome 8 miler yesterday too. I guess those lead legs really did have something to do with all that traveling.. Good thing I got in a run this morning because I get to spend the rest of today in a car and on a plane.

Great news though! Today is not just a traveling day it’s New Years Eve! Are you all aware of this? I’m sure you are considering everyone and their uncle has been making goal and resolution posts for 2012. Well, I decided to jump on that train too! Why not? I love making goals 🙂

That being said I think it’s time I set a few goals for myself. Pretty positive I made some new years resolutions for 2011 but I never wrote them down and well I forgot what they were.

1.) Consistently Blog: This doesn’t mean everyday but at least a few times a week. Something that I am most excited about with this whole blogging thing is being able to go back and recap an entire year! I’ve been having so much fun reading everyone’s 2011 recaps and can’t wait until this time next year to be able to give my own. The good times and the bad times I want to remember them all and have pictures to go along with them!

2.) Keep a running schedule: I’ve signed up for the Rock the Parkway half marathon in Kansas City in April so that will help me to stay on track with my running. I have no idea what my last half marathon time was so my goal time is going to be under 2 hours.

3.) Run a 2nd marathon: In 2011 I ran the Chicago Marathon and it was the best experience of my life. I loved the training and I loved the whole marathon experience. It was amazing. I haven’t decided which marathon I want to run but I do want to shoot for a 4:45 time. My Chicago time was 5:07 and while I know that is kind of a significant amount of time to shave off I sprinted the end of that marathon. My whole goal for that race was just to finish and finish strong. I didn’t know how well I had trained and I feared more than anything hitting a wall and having to drag myself through the final miles. Lucky for me the exact opposite happened and I felt like I could keep running a few more miles! So, that being said a 4:45 time is my goal for 2012!

4.) Be a GOTR Coach: I plan on being a GOTR coach in my college town this next semester and I am so excited. I have had so much fun being apart of GOTR for the last year and I am even more excited to be a coach for the girls. Being apart of the GOTR 5k in November and watching all of the girls finish the race with smiles on their faces was a feeling unlike any other. Such a great organization. If you haven’t heard of it before I strongly encourage you to check it out: Girls on the Run

5.) Save money: I have a certain number that I want to get to in the ol’ bank account by this time next year. With a little saving and self control pretty sure this is very doable. While shopping yesterday I fell in love with quite a few dresses but I walked away and left the store with nothing in hand. That my friends is self control. It was hard but I did it. Now only if I could do that at the grocery store. That is where I need to work on my saving! Extreme couponing anyone? I need to get on that train too.

I love the idea of doing month goals that I read about in the Happiness Project and on Ashley’s blog. I’m thinking each month I’ll write down a few things that I want to work on along with these 5  year long ones. Seems much more attainable to me.

Alright, time to jump in the car and head to San Antonio and then to Chicago and then back up to Michigan. Oh wow.. long day ahead.

Are you a month to month goal setter or are you a fan of year long resolutions?

Plans for New Years Eve? 

Anyone racing a New Years Eve Run?



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