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Opposite Ends of the Spectrum

Kind of crazy to think that not even a week ago I was running in this..

And this morning I ran in this..

Bright, beautiful, sunshiny beach weather!

Granted I am in the complete opposite end of the country than I was a few days ago but still! The bright sunshine and 80 degree weather makes me miss Texas winters..

These last few days have been super busy catching up with my Texas family in San Antonio and then Corpus Christi. We’re only here for a few short days and then it’s back to the midwest for my family!

Yesterday, I was able to get in a much needed 5 mile run + a 3 mile walk later in the afternoon. After sitting on a plane and in a car for hours on end my legs needed some movement! My legs felt like lead for the first few miles but they loosened up eventually and I ended up having a pretty good run.

This morning I set out with my mom for a 3 miler and it went pretty much the same way. I don’t know what it is! Maybe I need to stretch more? It took my legs the first 1.5 miles to get loose and then I was fine but boy that first half mile my legs were stiff! I’m blaming being all cramped up in a car and plane over the last few days days… Hopefully my run tomorrow will be better!

After our run we stopped by the cutest coffee shop downtown called The Daily Grind to pick up some coffees to go.

Cute right? I loved it and they had the best pecan flavored coffee. It was awesome. I’m such a sucker for flavored coffee. I just can’t turn it down!

As far as my running has gone this week it’s been kind of crazy. I haven’t been running with much of a plan which I am not a fan of. Normally, I like to make sure I get in a certain amount of milage and am not running too much two days in a row but lately I’ve just been kind of winging it.. Maybe that’s why my legs are feeling so crumby? Hmm

I’m thinking a good stretching session will be in my near future along with some green tea. I need some caffeine! I feel like I hit a wall this afternoon!

On the bright side there is carrot cake waiting for me after dinner! Yumm

Do you ever have lead legs during runs? If you don’t what is your secret?!

What do you do for an afternoon pick me up?

I need some suggestions! I always feel like I drag starting at 2pm 

What is your favorite dessert? 

Tough question I know.. but my aunt made the best carrot cake with cream cheese frosting that I can not get out of my head! 


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