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Yesterday was just one of those days that everything seemed to fit together nicely. It was refreshing. I enjoyed it.

It started off with my first WIAW post  and then I walked into a magical class called Health Education in the Classroom. Seriously? I could not be more excited about this class! Health education + schools? It was meant to be. I think that’s called serendipity? AKA my most favorite word.

Then I had my run.. that didn’t go as well as the rest of my day actually but I did it. 

Avg Pace
Summary 27:38.8 3.01 9:11
1 9:01.1 1.00 9:01
2 9:24.4 1.00 9:24
3 9:08.9 1.00 9:09
4 :04.4 0.01 9:00

Bing Bang Boom

Went to my bio lab class that was fun fun because it was syllabus day. I’m sure I’ll have a completely different opinion of it in a few weeks. But ya know yagottadowhatchagottado and I’ve gotta take a bio lab class.. ehh

Got to spend time doing my usual Wednesday/ Thursday babysitting thang. We ate pickles, read stories and colored.

It doesn’t get better than that if you ask me. Professional babysitter right here. Love it.

Once the babysitting gig was up I met up with my Solemates team for our season kick off!

Recycled photo.. but pineapple pizza is so wonderful and deserved a piccha.

Loads of pineapple pizza was consumed whilst talking about about running, races, chafing and blisters. Loved it. #runnerds

We all talked about which races we’re all signed up for and I’ve got 5 from now until the fall that I’ve got my eye on.

1.) Rock the Parkway: Half marathon: April 14

2.) Go Girl: Half Marathon: May 26

3.) Mother Road Marathon: October 9 – I think it would be so awesome to run a marathon in 3 states and this races goes through three different states!

4.) Girls on the Run 5k:  May 19 –  Can’t forget about this race in May! I won’t be “racing” it but I for sure will be cheering on all of my future GOTR girls as an assistant coach!

5.) The Color Run: June 16 – Have you seen this? Oh my gosh I might have to make a visit back to KC this summer just so I can do this run. How fun would that be?!

So, there ya go I’ve got 4 5 big races coming up this year. So crazy pumped 🙂

After all that running talk and pineapple pizza eating I was in a fantastic mood and then on my way home I got a call from one of my oldest bestest friends from life! We talked and talked and caught up on everything.  It was so great. I love talking to old friends. Warms my heart 🙂

Pretty fantabulous day if you ask me. I went to bed with a smile on my face and pizza in my belly. Yummzo

Do you keep in contact with old friends?

It’s been hard since I’ve moved away but I’ve tried to keep in touch with a few.

Have you ever been apart of a racing group like Solemates or Team in Training? 

This is my first time running with a group!


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