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Awkward Cheese

It’s been awkwardly cold here for the last week or so. Awkwardly cold meaning it’s cloudy with temps in the low 40s. The sun is trying to peak through all day long and then at 5pm it goes away and just gets plain cold. Not a fan. I’m a warm weather runner and happen to love the sunshine.

And on another note  it’s totally affecting my wardrobe situation. Yesterday  I wore flats around campus and by the time I made it to class my toes were freezing! The majority of students on campus were wearing boots or sneakers and then the one’s in those moccasins that are slippers. So I really don’t have an excuse for wearing flats except that the sun was shining when I walked out of my house!

Oh Missouri, you’re killing me. No more of this awkward weather business. 

Along with the whole wardrobe situation the weather is affecting my eats. Not cold enough to crave a heavy stew but definitely not warm enough to be eating frozen yogurt for meals.. what’s a girl to do?

Remember in elementary school when it was grilled cheese and tomato soup day? I was never really a fan, I think it was the plastic cheese that they used that turned me off of it. Either way, kids went crazy for this meal! Being the college money saving monster I am, for the most part, I decided that I was not and I meant NOT going to go to the 1.) grocery store and 2.) Ingredient. I resorted back to my childhood and found a few very simple ingredients in my kitchen that made for a killer comfort meal.

Enter Fancy Grilled Cheese and Tomato Basil Soup:

Oh yum! Warms my heart just looking at the picture 🙂

Simply make your grilled cheese, I used mozzarella, and throw as many veggies as you can on one side of the bread. Smash the two together and enjoy!

Would you like the recipe for the tomato basil soup? It’s the easiest recipe I’ve used as of yet! Go to your nearest grocery store, walk down the soup aisle and pick up Campbell’s tomato basil bisque, combine can of soup and 1 cup of water in a pot to heat it up. Genius!

So, there ya go! I did not spend 1 dime for this meal and it was quite delicious.

Sarah: 1

Ingredient Restaurant: 0

I do love dining out but restaurants are a money suck and I’ve got to pinch pennies where I can for the next 1.5 years! Ya know?

Okay, off to run! Meeting my solemates running partner in T-minus 33 minutes!

Have a fantastic Saturday!

What is your go to no shop meal?

Do you like dining out?

I love it! My wallet does not..

Are you running this weekend? 

I am! We’re doing timed running right now so we’ll see how far we get in 55 minutes!


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