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Worry Wart? Wort?

This is what I’ve been doing ALOT of lately. I’m a self proclaimed worry wart (?) wort (?)  I come from a long line of worriers, sort of, so I blame genetics.

This girl has got quite a lot on her mind and over the last two nights I have taken in a total of oh maybe 6 hours of sleep? Which is not conducive to a healthy vacation sleep pattern. I’m supposed to go back to school in a week feeling refreshed! Oy vey.. 

What is it I worry about so much? Well, you see I’m in my early 20’s what is there not to worry about? Life, love, jobs, future homes, family, friends.. you name it & I am sure I have worried about it! geeze laweezz

What’s a girl to do.. 

On a brighter note I got in a 3 mile run yesterday which always helps to put my mind at ease. Unfortunately, I did a 1.5 mile out and back on the icy streets of good ol Michigan. Pretty sure I spent those miles starting and stopping and then tip toeing around the icy patches. Not my smartest decision. However, I think I’m still in denial of what winter really feels like for all of these northerners.

What you didn’t spend most of your life in 60 degree Januarys? bummer

After 2.5 years this still takes some getting used to. I miss my sunshine and running shorts.

On an even Brighter note tomorrow will be spent in Chicago! Hopefully it won’t be nearly as cold and icy as it is up here..

I know, again, I’m in denial.

What do you do to combat your worries?!

Running helps a ton but sometimes I just can’t shake em!

Do you have a favorite city? 

Chicago is pretty high on my list!


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